Osteopaths are helping the NHS during the Covid 19 crisis by keeping appointments available for emergency patients who would otherwise need a GP or A&E.

We are open on:

Thursday 9th April (osteopath Kate Ashworth)

Saturday 11th April (osteopath Julie Palmer)

We expect to return to our usual hours from Tuesday 14th April unless there is an extension of the current restrictions.

Your health is our primary concern; during the Covid 19 epidemic we are taking extra measures to ensure your safety.

Protective equipment: We will be wearing a mask and gloves during your treatment.

10 minute intervals: Treatments are being booked with 10 minutes between them to allow for deep cleaning the room between patients.

Triage text before your appointment: To ensure you have no symptoms of dry cough, fever or are feeling unwell in any way.

Checking if you have had any contact with a sick person within the last 14 days?

Remain outside: You will remain outside the building until your appointment time when you will be met at the rear door.

This crisis is a time when we have to protect the most vulnerable.

We are advising patients over 70, all age groups with underlying health issues and those with vulnerable cohabiters to stay at home.

We are happy to communicate with any patient by phone and will not charge for this service.