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A common misconception is that arthritic pain cannot be treated.

The structural changes that occur as a result of the disease cannot be altered once they show on x-ray, but considerable relief of symptoms is possible.

Osteopathy can be very effective in reducing the pain and immobility associated with arthritis.

Arthritis often presents as early morning stiffness, swelling and lack of mobility in the affected joints.

When a joint becomes inflamed or degenerates the muscles surrounding it tighten in a protective spasm, this is supposed to prevent further injury but often leads to restricted movement and pain due to friction within the joint.

Osteopathic techniques work to release the tension within the joint to improve mobility and blood supply; this in turn reduces the inflammation and therefore pain.

It is very important that the appropriate level of activity is undertaken by the patient during the course
of treatment to ensure that the joint does not incur further injury.

Your osteopath will advise you of the activities relevant to you.