The Ashworth Practice - structural osteopathy, cranial osteopathy, therapeutic massage, reflexology. Bromley Park Medical Centre, Bromley, Kent

Structural and cranial osteopathy, therapeutic massage,
and reflexology

The Ashworth Practice
Bromley Park Medical Centre
Daly Drive, Bromley, Kent BR1 2FF

The Ashworth Practice – Osteopathy, therapeutic massage and reflexology. Bromley Park Medical Centre, Bromley, Kent BR1 2FF

T: 0208 295 8466
M: 07471 033 064
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The Ashworth practice operates from Bromley Park Medical Centre. Previously based in Keston, and before that Orpington High Street from 1990, we offer structural osteopathy, cranial osteopathy, therapeutic massage and reflexology. Our team treat a range of conditions from neck and back pain, sciatica, arthritic pain, trapped nerves, sports injuries and joint pains. All the practitioners share the same commitment to quality of service, and we endeavour to create a positive, welcoming environment for all.

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Re-opening Friday 15th May 2020

The practice is offering a CURRENTLY reduced osteopathic service from Friday 15th May, in line with the government advice for those who cannot work from home, to return to work. For Appointments phone 0208 295 8466 or 07471 033064 We are exploring the idea of remote consultations. If you are a new patient to the practice we may ask that the discussion element of your consultation is by telephone and you are booked for a half hour treatment. This reduces the exposure time for both the patient and practitioner. The fee (£65.00) will remain the same. PPE We are fully stocked with PPE. We meet the new criteria for safe practice: gloves, masks, aprons and hand sanitiser for ourselves and PPE for patients if they are unable to provide their own. Appointments are now inter-spaced by 10 minutes to ensure recommended sanitisation measures. THE COST Because the cost of PPE has risen exorbitantly during the COVID 19 Pandemic and the sanitisation time means we can see fewer patients in our allotted session, we need to increase the price of a half hour follow-up appointment by £3.00 to £50.00. We can assure you that no profit is being made from this increase. All patients will receive a triage text 24 hours before their appointment to ensure they are well. Our cancellation policy: notification within 12 hours is suspended temporarily. IF YOU DON’T FEEL WELL, INFORM US AND DO NOT ATTEND. We look forward to being able to help those patients who are suffering during this difficult... read more

Covid 19 Opening Hours

Osteopaths are helping the NHS during the Covid 19 crisis by keeping appointments available for emergency patients who would otherwise need a GP or A&E. We are open on: Thursday 9th April (osteopath Kate Ashworth) Saturday 11th April (osteopath Julie Palmer) We expect to return to our usual hours from Tuesday 14th April unless there is an extension of the current restrictions. Your health is our primary concern; during the Covid 19 epidemic we are taking extra measures to ensure your safety. Protective equipment: We will be wearing a mask and gloves during your treatment. 10 minute intervals: Treatments are being booked with 10 minutes between them to allow for deep cleaning the room between patients. Triage text before your appointment: To ensure you have no symptoms of dry cough, fever or are feeling unwell in any way. Checking if you have had any contact with a sick person within the last 14 days? Remain outside: You will remain outside the building until your appointment time when you will be met at the rear door. This crisis is a time when we have to protect the most vulnerable. We are advising patients over 70, all age groups with underlying health issues and those with vulnerable cohabiters to stay at home. We are happy to communicate with any patient by phone and will not charge for this... read more

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers for Osteopathy, Therapeutic massage and Reflexology. Ideal as Christmas and Birthday presents or just as a special treat! Give someone you love the gift of wellbeing. Just email us with a contact number and your requirements through the contact link on the header of this page, we will get back to you for payment and whether to send by post or email. Vouchers are valid for one year.... read more

Thank you for recommending us! 10% off your next treatment!

As a heartfelt thank you to those patients who recommend us to their friends and family we are introducing a 10% discount for the recommender. We always ask how someone gets to hear about us, just make sure your friend or family member states your FULL name and the discount will be applied to your next treatment. Discounts can be accumulated, so the more recommendations you make the higher the... read more

A Patients own experience of a lifetime’s Osteopathy

Received from a patient who has been kind enough to share his experience. “My experience with the benefits of Osteopathy commenced a long time ago in 1953 after a bout of Polio Myelitis had laid me low. On my discharge from hospital a friend of my parents suggested Mr Cowan (Blackfen – Osteopath) might help my restricted state (hardly mobile to any degree). What Mr Cowan was able to achieve was mobility and full participation for a sport loving young boy to enjoy life to the full for the rest of his life. How do you say thank you for that, I still say it every day just in case he can hear. Like a lot of young people who love active sports I eventually managed to damage my lower back, by this time Mr Cowan had retired and attended Mr Peter Blagrave in Chislehurst for many years as I was now a married man and the bills had to be paid, he managed to keep me on track. Some many years later he retired to the West Country and Kate Ashworth took over his patients for her new practice in Orpington, and I transferred but thankfully my attendance was less frequent as I had listened to the advice on fitness exercises etc. My son, who had, and still has a scoliosis of the spine, added to the family records. The practice eventually moved to Keston. I have always found a lot of not only physical, but mental reassurance from Osteopathy; the disturbing pain and restricted mobility of physical injury is not helped by being masked with muscle relaxants and... read more

We Have Moved!!!

We moved location to Bromley Park Medical Centre on July 1st. Trust it to be the hottest day so far of the year! Thank you to everyone who helped us move and Alison, Tony and Sue at Ravensbourne who were amazing to work with. Ravensbourne is being redeveloped as apartments, hence our rather rapid move and we shall always treasure our time there. Good luck to all the other businesses who also had to move. Finally thank you to Sara and Matty for the amazing flowers to welcome me to our new premises, a lovely way to start a new chapter of The Ashworth... read more