The Ashworth Practice will remain open for osteopathic treatment throughout lockdown. Osteopaths are allied healthcare professionals and as such our appointments are considered to be medical. During lockdown you are allowed to leave your home to attend medical appointments by law.

Kate, Julie and Nathan; our team of osteopaths, welcome you to the practice, however our Therapeutic Masseuse, Claire is not able to offer appointments at this time

In the period between lockdowns we have enforced robust sanitation procedures. These will be continued throughout this and any future lockdowns. We made the difficult decision to close for some of the first lockdown as we could not access the required PPE to keep patients safe – remember when we couldn’t even buy sanitiser! Now we are fully stocked with all the PPE needed to meet the current stringent requirements.

In order to stay open during lockdown and on re-opening after the last one, we have needed to make some changes to our booking procedures:

When you book an appointment it will be timed to ensure a sanitation break BEFORE and AFTER your appointment.

24 hours before you attend you will be sent a triage text that you are required to reply to. It will ask if you have had any contact with a person with symptoms in the last 14 days, whether you have any change in sense of taste and smell or any new continuous cough or are feeling unwell. These texts will be updated if new symptoms are advised.

When you attend you will be asked to park in the rear car park and wait in your car until your appointment time.

If you are not coming in a car, please dress warmly as you will only be able to access the building when collected from the rear door by your osteopath.

We are using the rear door only, to reduce traffic through the building.

When you attend your appointment you will be required to wear a mask. You can choose to wear gloves or use the sanitiser provided at the entrance. Your mask must remain on throughout your treatment.

We are asking that you don’t use the toilet if possible. If absolutely necessary the disabled toilet is available. You will be required to spray anything you touch with the sanitiser provided, before and after use.

Your osteopath will be in a mask, gloves and apron which are changed between appointments. This requirement has led to a small increase of £3.00 in our fee to contribute to the the cost. The sanitation time between appointments allows us to clean the couch and any other items contacted in the treatment room.

The medical centre has just completed a four day deep clean in addition to the usual daily cleaning and we have invested in a fogging machine to supplement this.

If you are shielding, extremely vulnerable or unfortunate enough to be unwell, we can arrange telephone consultations and video calls. We can give you advice for home-care, exercises and support you through your recovery.

We aim to support the NHS and our patients through these difficult times. If you are in pain but otherwise well, please do not suffer at home. Call us, we can help!