The Ashworth Practice - Osteopathy


Osteopathy is a regulated medical discipline that can be applied to most musculo-skeletal conditions.

Whether your symptoms are due to an accident, sports injury, or are related to disease or old age, osteopathic treatment can successfully alleviate many painful conditions and aid in your recovery.

Osteopathic treatment involves an assessment of the mechanics of the whole body, not just the area of pain.

In your initial consultation you will:

  1. Have a full case history taken, including any material (e.g. X-rays, scans etc) you may have brought with you.
  2. Be examined and assessed visually and physically. This often requires patients to remove their outer clothing, not underwear. Many patients bring a pair of flexible shorts such as cycle or exercise wear.
  3. Have your condition explained, in a language that you understand, and an outline of the treatment required.
    At this point you will have the opportunity to give your informed consent for treatment to proceed.
  4. Be treated with soft tissue techniques, cranial osteopathy, articulation, lymphatic drainage and/or
    manipulation as your condition requires.
  5. Be given follow up advice as appropriate, i.e. exercises, self-treatment, postural advice etc.

Please note that in your initial consultation the emphasis will be on gathering information and understanding your condition, follow up appointments necessarily give priority to treatment.